FEATURE ARTICLE: November 10, 2021

Dexbrowser, the Web3 data aggregator and your future DEX super platform


Launching later this year, the suite of tools Dexbrowser is developing will make decentralized trading evermore accessible and profitable.

An exciting new product is underway, making the patchy decentralized trading, pool, and staking ecosystem more accessible and lucrative. Like all great products, Dexbrowser has an ambitious rollout planned, of which its first stage is already in final stages of development.

In its first stage, a range of advanced trading tools will be available. These include spread and arbitrage tools to compare the prices and order books of different trading pairs across multi-chain DEXes, as well as other search tools to facilitate smart cross-chain trading. In addition, there will be safety tools such as the “attack alert,” which can notify users of any potential security breaches in networks.

The next stage will focus on income-driven data derivatives, including intelligent farming and arbitrage. For pools, this includes real-time access to new cross-chain farming pools, a farming pool search engine with advanced filters, and additional functions which can automatically allocate funds to different pools, monitor them, and offer automatic re-investment options. For trading, the best trading pairs and paths will be displayed and additional tools such as K-lines and the potent one-click arbitrage will be provided.

Finally, the product will evolve into an open-source data network, including data sharing, data mining, and open-source product development. With BRO, Dexbrowser’s native token, users will be incentivized to share trading profiles in secure decentralized databases. At this point, other data-driven derivative products will also become available on the platform.

Dexbrowser is also being built by an accomplished team. The product and development team have backgrounds in a range of decentralized architectures, including DEXs, dApps, Ethereum, and futures and options platforms. As for the public relations team, team members have worked for renowned organizations, including Forbes, NEO, and Ontology.

The BRO token, mentioned above, will facilitate the governance of the platform and its rapid development. Users will be able to earn BRO in various ways, including farming, providing data, and developing products. Holders will have a stake in the decisions of fee structures, new pools, new swaps, and have access to exclusive features, including NFTs and additional advanced tools. The token will have a total supply of 500,000,000 and follow the model of being gradually repurchased and burned to control inflation.

Dexbrowser stands as a prominent landmark in the rapid development of DEX-related products these past couple of years. When looking at the amount of data aggregated, analysis tools, search engines, farming and arbitrage tools, derivatives, and other functions, Dexbrowser stands out as having a clear advantage over similar products such as iZumi, Beatsquare, Libre, and DEXTools.

Dexbrowser is in its final stages of production and plans to launch in October 2021. Keep up to date with the platform at https://www.dexbrowser.com/.