FEATURE ARTICLE: February 04, 2022

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)


Now we have entered the second month of 2022 and the year of tiger as well. When we look back in January, there were quite a lot of exciting campaigns and news of Dexbrowser.

The Dexbrowser ambassadors have started working in the community. The first sticker competition ended successfully with a great many excellent stickers. In the meanwhile, the first Dexbrowser NFT will come soon. Let’s expect more surprises in February with Dexbrowser!

Key Data of $BRO

Total circulation supply: 25,000,000


Liquidity staking: 6,000,000

CEX Market Maker: 3,000,000

LP Mining Reward (locked): 900,000

Other circulation: 15,100,000

Technology & Product

Dexbrowser v2.0 under testing

The new product version of Dexbrowser is under testing and the corresponding airdrop will launch soon on Reddit and Telegram community, please stay tuned.

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)(图1)

Global News

DexBrowser new ambassadors announced

The ambassadors had been selected from hundreds of candidates. Now, they are responsible for the community administration of telegram and Reddit. We are looking forward to more ambassadors to join us and build the community together.

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)(图2)

Sticker design competition

The first Dexbrowser Sticker Design Competition was hosted successfully. More than 1,000 votes had been submitted by the community members. Finally, 12 favorite stickers and 20 lucky voters had been selected. The stickers will be widely used in our community afterward. Thanks again for all the members’ participation in the competition.

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)(图3)

DexBrowser NFT

Now the Dexbrowser technical team is engaged in final testing. Very soon you will receive your exclusive NFTs (NFT King, Noble, or Miner). Expect news in early February.

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)(图4)

Lunar New Year Greeting

The Lunar New Year poster has been posted. The DexBrowser team wished their community a Happy Lunar New Year. And wished health, happiness, and prosperity in the new year of the tiger!

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)(图5)

Community Growth

  • 2,234 new members joined our global community in the past two weeks.

  • 1,849 new members followed our official Twitter.

  • Our Balkan and Russian communities have been established.

Next Plan

In February

  • 2022 NFT Cards Campaign

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (January 15–January 31, 2022)(图6)
  • V2 Product launch and airdrop

About Us

Dexbrowser, the premier Web3 data aggregator, is developing a suite of tools to make decentralized trading more accessible and profitable to all. Decentralized trading, liquidity pools, and staking solutions are widespread yet often difficult to access in the current landscape. Dexbrowser aims to combine all of these aspects under one roof to make them more accessible and help users achieve much higher profitability than before.

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