FEATURE ARTICLE: March 03, 2022

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ


Now the Dexbrowser V2 has been released. Below are some questions users may have while using. Check it out.

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ(图1)

1. How can I log in to Dexbrowser V2?

To log in to Version 2 of Dexbrowser, please visit the official link: https://dapp.dexbrowser.com

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ(图2)

Log in with the Metamask wallet and select the Fantom network.

2. What information can I get from the Dashboard on the Dexbrowser homepage?

You can access the following information from the Dashboard on the Dexbrowser homepage:

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ(图3)

  • ● Check the scroll bar above to see the real-time currency price;

  • ● In Trending tokens, you can see the growth or decline ratio of the currency price, so as to judge the price trend of the currency;

  • ● In Live Transfers, you can see the real-time transfer data on the chain. Click on the upper right corner to switch currencies.

  • ● In Gini Coefficient, you can view the Gini coefficient of a currency.

Note: “Gini coefficient Gini coefficient (English: Gini index, Gini Coefficient) refers to a common indicator used internationally to determine the income gap of inhabitant in a state or region. “1” is the maximum Gini coefficient, and the minimum is equal to “0” The closer the Gini coefficient is to 0, the more parallel the income distribution is.” This refers to the balance of the balance on the chain.

For example, the Gini coefficient of BTC is 0.99, which means that the BTC balance of users on the Fantom chain varies greatly.

3. What information can I obtain on the DEX page?

Currently, the DEX page shows data from the Spookyswap platform. In the upper right corner, you can switch to view “General” or a “Pairs.”

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ(图4)


This page presents the data reference of TVL (Total Value Locked), change and risk. Its trend can be seen visually in the TVL line chart.

Below the line chart, you can view the Category (DEX or CEX), Audit (whether it has passed the audit), and the Token type. You can click on the Contacts in the lower right corner to view its contact information for further connection.


After switching to a trading pair, users can view the data of 7 trading pairs.

Transaction data from one currency to another is visualized in the list.

4. What currencies are currently supported on the platform?

The platform supports BTC, CRV, AAVE, CREAM, SNX, BOO, and GEIST. Users can choose from the drop-down menu on the left side of the page.

5. What information is displayed on the Token page?

Follow these steps to access the information displayed on the Token page:

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ(图5)

Select the currency type at the top. You can see the number of transactions per hour in the first table.

The volume per hour is shown in the second table.

Below you can view real-time transfer information, including hash value, transfer-out address, transfer-in address, amount, block height, and other information.

6. What information is displayed on the Insight page?

The following information is displayed on the Insight page:

Dexbrowser V2 FAQ(图6)

  • ● Pair Amount History: The scale of trading pairs.

  • ● SpookySwap INDEX 10: Represents the average price status of the top 10 staking trading pairs. The index is equal to the sum of the total lock values of the selected ten pairs divided by a constant. The index is updated every minute.

  • ● TVL: Display the total lock-up volume.

  • ● LP Tokens Amount: The amount of LP tokens.

7. How to switch wallets?

To switch wallets, click the small arrow button in the lower-left corner to return to the initial page for switching.

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