FEATURE ARTICLE: September 19, 2022

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (September 1 — September 15, 2022)


Have you minted Dexbrowser’s Common, Rare, and Super Rare NFT Cards successfully? The corresponding Lucky Draw has been completed. Also, we have ranked on some media in the past two weeks. With today’s bi-weekly report, find out what we’ve been doing and what lies ahead for Dexbrowser.

Key Data of $BRO

Total circulation supply: 52,940,000


Liquidity staking: 6,000,000

CEX Market Maker: 3,000,000

LP Mining Reward (locked): 900,000

Other circulation: 43,040,000

Dexbrowser’s Common, Rare, and Super Rare NFT Cards

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (September 1 — September 15, 2022)(图1)

We released an article on the fast-rising Dexbrowser’s Common, Rare and Super NFT cards. The article is a follow-up to the previous article on How to Mint & Trade Dexbrowser NFT Cards and was well received by our followers.

Lucky Draw for Dexbro NFT Addresses

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (September 1 — September 15, 2022)(图2)

The Special Lucky draw for Dexbrowsers NFT users has successfully come to an end.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated by retweeting and sharing the link on social

media! We’ll be announcing the winner soon so stay tuned.

Statistics by WhaleStats

WhaleStats reported about Dexbrowser twice in the past two weeks. $BRO is one of the MOST USED smart contracts and the top 10 purchased tokens among the top 100 #FTM whales in 24 hours.

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (September 1 — September 15, 2022)(图3)

Our community is growing rapidly and we truly appreciate all the support and feedback we have received so far. Keep sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us on Twitter @DexBrowser and in our Telegram group! If you have any questions regarding our services or the Crypto market in general, please contact us at contact@dexbrowser.com ! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Community Growth

  • 536 new members joined our global community in the past 2 weeks.

  • 887 new members followed our official Twitter.

Next Plan

  • Dexbrowser V2.5 launch

  • Avalanche Integration

About Us

Dexbrowser, the premier Web3 data aggregator, is developing a suite of tools to make decentralized trading more accessible and profitable to all. Decentralized trading, liquidity pools, and staking solutions are widespread yet often difficult to access in the current landscape. Dexbrowser aims to combine all of these aspects under one roof to make them more accessible and help users achieve much higher profitability than before.

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