FEATURE ARTICLE: October 23, 2022

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (October 1 — October 15, 2022)


Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (October 1 — October 15, 2022)(图1)

Dexbrowser x MEXC Airdrop

To kick start this exciting week we launched Dexbrowser $BRO Token airdrop on MEXC exchange, allowing our community members to earn $BRO tokens by completing a few tasks on Dexbrowser social media platforms. $BRO token is an integral part of our plans going forward and we encourage everyone to try it out and earn some free tokens! The airdrop campaign will run for 2 weeks, so make sure to follow us over the next few weeks. For more information regarding these airdrops please see our announcement post HERE.

Mint & Trade NFTs

In our previous reports we touched on the tutorial and how to Mint & trade Dexbrowser NFTs. We have provided some additional guidance for those needing more information about this. You can check them out on our medium page or if you are entirely new to Dexbrowser feel free to see video tutorials.

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (October 1 — October 15, 2022)(图2)

About Us

Dexbrowser, the premier Web3 data aggregator, is developing a suite of tools to make decentralized trading more accessible and profitable to all. Decentralized trading, liquidity pools, and staking solutions are widespread yet often difficult to access in the current landscape. Dexbrowser aims to combine all of these aspects under one roof to make them more accessible and help users achieve much higher profitability than before.