FEATURE ARTICLE: June 26, 2022

Dexbrowser Bi-Weekly Report (June 1 — June 15, 2022)


Here we are, the first two weeks of June have passed. We have a lot to share with you. We are happy to inform you that together with our community we have chosen a name for our $BRO character and also for our upcoming NFT campaign and there was a competition among those who voted for a name for our character.

We have many more exciting events and news for our community to look forward to. Check out, and stay tuned.

Key Data of $BRO

Total circulation supply: 46,640,000


Liquidity staking: 6,000,000

CEX Market Maker: 3,000,000

LP Mining Reward (locked): 900,000

Other circulation: 36,740,000

Global News

Name for Dexbrowser Character

We’re happy to tell you that with the help of voting among our community we were able to choose a name for our character #Dexbrowser, we hope he will become your mascot in web3.0.

Also for our upcoming NFT campaign, our community helped us choose names for the NFT characters. As a result, our main character’s name will be Greeny. The names of our three NFTs: BrodexBroski, and Super Dex.

Rewards for Voters

Also for those who participated in the voting for our character, we arranged $200USDC as the reward, winners can find themselves in the list and check their reward on ftmscan.com.

Community Growth

  • 573 new members joined our global community in the past two weeks.

  • 9,091 new members followed our official Twitter.

Next Plan

  • NFT campaign in June

  • Dexbrowser V2.5 launch in July

About Us

Dexbrowser, the premier Web3 data aggregator, is developing a suite of tools to make decentralized trading more accessible and profitable to all. Decentralized trading, liquidity pools, and staking solutions are widespread yet often difficult to access in the current landscape. Dexbrowser aims to combine all of these aspects under one roof to make them more accessible and help users achieve much higher profitability than before.

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